Mentoring with a Master

Krzysztof Reinhard

Purpose, decision, implementation, success.

Mentoring with MA in Economics, Polish champion in bodybuilding, master class trainer, owner of Wellclinic.

Many of our clients are people in high positions, great parents, company bosses or simply overworked people. However, they want to be healthy, enjoy life for a long time and look good. That is why we were the first in Poland to prepare for you, mentoring with a man who has combined professional and sports success, figures and, above all, pro-health.

It's hard to talk about success if you don't look like a successful person.

Krzysztof Reinhard, the originator and owner of the proprietary Wellclinic clinic.

The trends set by Arnold Schwarzenegger are slowly entering Poland, that the appearance proves our ethics of life. And duplicating certain habits can take us to a whole new higher level.

Mentoring with Krzysztof is a monthly collaboration that will change your life and prepare you for the development of your body and spirit. It will increase self-confidence and, above all, develop new habits that will allow you to achieve success in financial and pro-health synergy.

Krzysztof’s great advantage is his pro-health knowledge. It has already helped many patients with metabolic diseases. They have a direct impact on our well-being every day. Diabetes, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, problems with the thyroid gland, including hashimoto, problems with the gallbladder and liver are just a few of the challenges that Krzysztof faced together with his clients. Your health has a huge impact on your blood and this in turn translates into your thinking process. Pure blood and liver is, as you probably already guessed, positive thinking.

See what mentoring with Master Krzysztof Reinhard looks like


Day 1

We will spend it with you. From the morning I will get to know your habits. What time do you get up, what is your morning ritual? How much and how effectively do you work. What do you eat and how you prepare your meals. In which stores do you shop and what purchasing decisions you make. Do you have time to train, and if so, how do you train, with what attitude and what are the results? We will spend one of your days, the one you have every day. I will get to know you and we will do over an hour of training together. I will take notes and analyze what we can improve and how to help you achieve success. I know from experience that 80% of people never gain the desired figure for a few habits that can be successfully replaced with those that give optimal results.

Day 2

This is the day I will spend analyzing our 1st day. There will be a whole book here that will tell us about how we can work to achieve your goal. We will also spend time together on personal training.

Day 3

We will spend this day with me and with me. I will show you how the player, coach and investor’s day looks like from the very morning and how it can be reconciled in the standard time that everyone has, i.e. 24 hours. It won’t be a perfect day, just one of many. You will see what I eat and how I eat, where I shop, how I cook. And most of all, how it is combined with running a company and hard training for the competition.

Day 4

This is the time for your questions because there will surely be such

Day 5

Instill habits. Because I know exactly how the human psyche works. I have completed many courses, including NLP, and built many medal players from scratch. It helped me learn about patterns, habits and how the thinking process is done. We will establish a new algorithm for your decisions and creat a new you

Day 6-7

Here you start your work alone. So we implement what we have learned. Of course you are in constant contact with me. It’s a bit like you’ve learned to walk, but you can still fall over.

Day 8

We meet for an hour to determine how your two days have passed. What are the thoughts, problems and how can we make them challenges.

Day 9-10

You spend alone without contact with me. You already know a lot time to become independent.

Day 11

This is one of the most important days of your time. We spend it together again. From the morning you show me what your new life looks like, what you have learned, what you have implemented, how you feel about it and how your silhouette changes and how others treat you. Still, I’m doing an analysis and writing down what we should improve and work on. But here you already know a lot and you feel how much you have moved forward.

Day 12-14

Again, you work alone with an individual PDF prepared by me, which shows which direction to take. You prove to yourself that everything depends on you.

Day 15-30

We have a 15 minute video call every day. This allows you to record and any possible questions. Creating a new better you is a process. That is why you have the opportunity to contact me. After all, you are already acting on your own and I want the phones to speak about your next successes. Because that’s exactly what happens. My clients call me constantly boasting about how they are doing.

Price for mentoring with the Master

The price that I should offer you for a month of cooperation is at least PLN 1500 per day. However, I have the advantage that my clinic is open to everyone who wants to take care of themselves. As long as you create a new and better version of yourself, I will still be able to help you to look young and fresh. That is why I am convinced that you will become my regular customer for years. This allows me to reduce the price more than twice and set the promotional price at PLN 500 per day. For mentoring to be successful, we must go through all the stages, i.e. spend 30 days together.

Write to me and we will arrange the details of cooperation. Treat it as an investment. Because when comparing the costs of possible health treatment or the cost of having a dream figure for the rest of your life, this offer is worth the price.

Krzysztof Reinhard

"It is health that always wins!"

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