Laser Lipolysis

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Tight Sculpting lipoliza laserowa

Reduced body fat immediately! The first treatment in the world that is completely painless and does not require healing time. This treatment allows you to slim down parts of your body in only 45 minutes.

What can you achieve thanks to this weight loss treatment ?

  • Lose up to 12 cm from your waist circumference after only one visit to our clinic
  • Remove belly fat, remove fat from your sides, slim your thighs
  • While you are losing weight, this treatment will lift and tighten your skin at the same time.

  • Look stunning for an important upcoming occasion
  • Change your look
  • Don’t waste your time on ineffective methods and get the effect you desire right away

Our effects visible in the photos

Opinie klientów Wellclinic - ul. Kolejowa 49a/U9 Warszawa

Comfort of the treatment:


Number of recommended treatments:

1 – 4 treatments

Technologies used:


Treatment time:

40 – 90 min

Rezerwacja wizyty w klinice Wellclinic - ul. Kolejowa 49a/U9 Warszawa


every 3-4 weeks

Treatment areas:

sides, belly, arms, thighs

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After which method do we achieve this effect?

In aesthetic medicine clinics you will find many technologies that are more or less effective in the fight against stubborn adipose tissue. The technology still used is injection lipolysis, which is the least effective method and has to be repeated in series, after the procedure, swelling and inflammation are formed, which usually excludes the patient from everyday life for some time. A more effective treatment than laser lipolysis is cryolipolysis, which gives the effect of cold on a specific part in order to remove resistant local adipose tissue, the effects are visible after several treatments. The most effective procedure is liposuction, it’s a procedure that removes a significant amount of fatty tissue from the abdominal area, thighs, sides, breeches or arms at once. One big downside of this effective treatment is the recovery period and frequent postoperative complications.

What if you use the ultra-modern TightSculpting technology and perform laser liposuction without disturbing the skin and without pain?


Are you ready for the effects of a surgical procedure without a convalescence period? 


The FOTONA DYNAMIS SP laser is the most powerful combination of two technologies, the Nd: Yag and Er: Yag lasers. This method is based on the synergistic complementation of the length of the light of two lasers, thanks to which the fat tissue is finally reduced with a simultaneous firming.


Compared to other slimming treatments like CRYOLIPOLYSIS, eg Cooltech, INJECTION LIPOLYSIS, LIPOSUCTION, after the fotona Tight Sculpting treatment there is no convalescence period, no pain, you can return to your daily activities.

Price of laser lipolysis at Wellclinic

30% off only until May 20

Treatments from 990zł!

Abdomen1300 zł 990 zł5200 zł 3490 zł
Sides1300 zł 990 zł5200 zł 3490 zł
Thighs1300 zł 990 zł5200 zł 3490 zł

Liposuction, cryolipolysis, laser lipolysis ... What to choose?

What is the course of the procedure?

The treatment consists of two stages:

1. Fat reduction

The first stage is performed with the Nd: Yag laser, long laser pulses reduce fat tissue and firm the deeper skin structures. The treatment is performed using a special scanner that applies energy quickly and precisely, while constantly controlling the temperature on the skin surface.

2. Skin tightening and smoothing

The second stage is also performed with the use of a scanner, but with the Er: Yag laser, which aims to firm the skin and smooth it at the same time.

At WellClinic, this procedure is always preceded by a detailed health interview of the client and the exclusion of any contraindications. Then the skin is cleaned and disinfected. In order to minimize discomfort and pain sensations, the skin is constantly cooled with a special cooler. The procedure takes about 20-40 minutes depending on the treatment area.

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What are the results of the Tight Sculpting ™ treatment - body contouring?

  • The effects are almost immediate.
  • The first visible results are visible immediately after the treatment, we lose up to 7 cm in circumference
  • Clinical studies show that we will achieve the best results after 3-4 treatments by losing up to 25 cm in circumference. The tension and firmness of the skin increases after the first treatment. Fotona tight sculpting reduces local cellulite.
Tight Sculpting lipoliza laserowa

The Advantage of Tight Sculpting ™

  • A small number of treatments to obtain the desired effect 1-4 treatments
  • The treatment is pleasant to feel, warmth is felt during the treatment
  • the time of the treatment and the location of Wellclinic allows you to come to us during the lunch break
  • No recovery period
  • The growing need for a beautiful and slender appearance
  • The high efficiency of the procedure ensures patient satisfaction and increases trust in the clinic
  • Ultramodern technology
  • Objectively proven effectiveness (clinical trials, FDA certificate)
  • Safety

Video about the treatment

Pricelist for Tight Sculpting

30% off only until May 20

Treatments from 990zł!

Abdomen1300 zł 990 zł5200 zł 3490 zł
Sides1300 zł 990 zł5200 zł 3490 zł
Thighs1300 zł 990 zł5200 zł 3490 zł

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Frequently asked questions

Before the visit, you should not tan your skin for at least two weeks.

Read the contraindications carefully so as to properly prepare for the procedure, exclude contraindicated cosmetics, dietary supplements, medications and herbs. Remember not to drink alcohol 25 hours before the procedure. Do not pull out the hair in the treatment area at least 2 weeks before the procedure, and restore the peelings of the areas to be treated 4 weeks earlier.

After the treatment, the skin should be protected against UV radiation by means of creams with 50+ SPF filter for a minimum of one month. The highest quality creams are available in our clinic.

You will notice the first effects immediately after the treatment, you will lose up to 5 cm in circumference. Clinical studies show that the best results will be achieved after 3-4 treatments, losing up to 15 cm of the circumference without following a strict diet. In addition, the ultrasound examination showed a significant reduction in body fat after just one session.

  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding,
  • freshly tanned skin,
  • photosensitizing drugs and herbs,
  • skin diseases,
  • skin infections,
  • dry and sensitive skin,
  • albinism,
  • tendency to keloids,
  • steroid therapy,
  • accatan – therapy ended 6 months earlier,
  • impaired blood clotting,
  • blood thinners,
  • epilepsy,
  • cancer,
  • pacemaker,
  • endocrine diseases,
  • viruses HIV, WZW,
  • active autoimmune diseases, e.g. systemic lupus, scleroderma,

Contrary to liposuction, this procedure does not require anesthesia and we can even say that it is pleasant. Our laser has been equipped with the most modern system cooling the treatment area, thanks to which it is additionally anesthetized with cold.

  • do not tan the skin for two weeks after the treatment
  • do not go to the sauna for 14 days after the procedure
  • intensive exercise on the day of the procedure is not recommended
  • do not use alcoholic cosmetics on the skin on the day of the procedure
  • it is necessary to lubricate the skin after the treatment