Sub-maximal muscle-building !

Body Sculpt

The ultra-fast effect of increasing muscle mass while reducing body fat.

Recomposition of the figure with the most powerful technology on the market.

What can you achieve thanks to the treatment:

    • Get the effect of the so-called Brazilian buttocks after a series of 6 treatments

    • Remove belly fat while building muscle

    • Expose and build a so-called six pack
    • Change your appearance

    • Don’t waste time on ineffective methods just have an effect right away

The effect after 3 Body Sculpt treatments on our patient

Comfort of the treatment:


Number of recommended treatments:

4 – 8 treatments

Treatment time:

30 min


every 3 – 4 days

Technologies used:


Application areas:

buttocks, abdomen, thighs

Body Sculpt HI-EMT Pricelist

Sub-maximal muscle-building !

Abdomen1000 zł4000 zł 2990 zł8000 zł 4499 zł
Buttocks1000 zł4000 zł 2990 zł8000 zł 4499 zł
Thighs1000 zł4000 zł 2990 zł8000 zł 4499 zł

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Using which method do we achieve this effect?

Wellclinic is not only high-class doctors and cosmetologists. Our staff consists of nutritionists and personal trainers.

We checked all available body shaping methods on our pupils. However, this method is ahead of it’s time. Two applicators with the intensity of 7 teslas are applied to the buttocks, abdomen or thighs. The concentrated electromagnetic field penetrates the skin and adipose tissue reaching the muscles. Then, making contraction at the level of deep tissue, stimulating hypertrophy – an increase in muscle mass.

During one treatment, for example on the Brazilian buttocks, the effect can be compared to 20,000 repetitions in the gym of a perfectly performed exercise on a dedicated buttock machine.

Krzysztof Reinhard

What is the course of the procedure ?

The procedure takes place in a comfortable position lying on the treatment bed. After the interview and determination of the goal of the therapy, an individual treatment procedure is selected. It is an original selection of parameters developed by a team of cosmetologists, personal trainers and athletes of body sports. Our experience is of great importance due to the fact that everyone has a different level of body fat and percentage of muscle mass. The standard procedure lasts 30 minutes and consists of several stages that are intertwined with each other. The first stage – regenerating, is a series of rapid, rhythmic contractions. The second stage – hypertrophy is a constant muscle tension lasting up to 20 seconds. After 30 minutes, it’s a good idea to drink a protein shake to replenish the amino acids that make up your muscles. These shakes are also available from Wellclinic.


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What are the results of the Body Sculpt treatment ?

The effects are visible after the 4th treatment. There is an increase in muscle mass and a loss of adipose tissue at the treatment area. The buttocks become bigger, harder, the skin is thinner and their appearance changes dramatically.

The abdomen becomes harder, the fatty tissue decreases. You have to wait a few more weeks for the final effect, because the Hypertrophic treatment, i.e. stimulating the growth of muscle mass, leads to micro injuries such as strength training only in much greater concentration and isolation of a specific part. As a result, the body rebuilds micro damages within a few weeks and muscle mass increases. This is called myofibrillar hypertrophy.

The recommended number of treatments is individual and also depends on whether you supplement the proteins in your diet. When performing 2 series, i.e. 8 treatments, clinical tests indicate a loss of adipose tissue at the level of 16% and an increase in muscle mass by up to 23%.

In addition, each of our clients who purchase a package of treatments receives Krzysztof Reinhard’s author’s guide “Secrets of a healthy silhouette’’

Advantages of Body Sculpt

  • A small number of treatments to obtain the desired effect 4-8 treatments
  • The treatment is pleasant, you only feel the muscles tense
  • The time of the procedure and the location of Wellclinic allows you to visit us during your lunch break
  • No recovery period
  • The growing need for a beautiful and muscular appearance
  • The high efficiency of the procedure ensures patient satisfaction and increases trust in the clinic
  • Ultramodern technology
  • Objectively proven effectiveness – clinical trials
  • Safety and no possibility of injury with spectacular effects not possible even for professional athletes of body sports

Film about the procedure

Pricelist for Body Sculpt

Abdomen1000 zł4000 zł 2990 zł8000 zł 4499 zł
Buttocks1000 zł4000 zł 2990 zł8000 zł 4499 zł
Thighs1000 zł4000 zł 2990 zł8000 zł 4499 zł

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Frequently asked questions

You don’t need to prepare yourself for this treatment. It would be good if you were not immediately after eating. Ideally about 2 hours after and plan a meal or protein shake up to an hour after the procedure. Dress comfortably. The procedure can be performed in light clothing.

You will notice the first effects after a series of 4 treatments. You will get the final effect after 2-4 weeks. If you increase the proportion of protein in your nutrition, the effects will be even greater.

  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding,
  • Implants
  • cancer, 
  • implanted pacemaker, 
  • active autoimmune diseases, e.g. systemic lupus, scleroderma,

The procedure is painless. You may feel soreness a few days after the procedure.

  • do not go to the sauna for 7 days after the procedure
  • intensive exercise on the day of the procedure is not recommended 
  • immediately after the treatment a protein shake containing 25 grams of protein