Scalp needle mesotherapy

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Mezoterapia igłowa - leczenie łysienia i nadmiernego wypadanie włosów

Needle mesotherapy of the scalp - treatment of alopecia in Wellclinic

For everyone, hair is very important and valuable. Do you dream of thick, long hair or just want it to stop falling out?

By performing mesotherapy with an effective vitamin preparation, you will revive your hair and stimulate its growth. Your scalp will be nourished, sebum secretion will be regulated and hair will stop falling out. Vitamin mesotherapy rebuilds the intercellular binder and the protective function of the scalp, so you can forget about dandruff. Get strong, nourished and shiny hair.

By performing mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient’s blood in an almost painless way at the Wellclinic aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw, you will get the effect of a nourished scalp visible after the first visit. The preparation is 100% biocompatible with your body.

Needle mesotherapy on the scalp at the Wellclinic aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw can also be performed using peptide therapy. Read on…

Indications for scalp needle mesotherapy:

  • androgenic alopecia 
  • alopecia caused by a poor diet
  • alopecia caused by stress
  • age-related alopecia
  • nourishing the scalp is recommended before the transplant procedure
  • nourishing the scalp with plasma is recommended in case of allergy to one of the ingredients of the preparations
  • alopecia caused by poor care
  • alopecia caused by dyeing
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Comfort of the treatment:


Number of recommended treatments:

1 – 4 treatments

Technologies used:

plasma, vitamin and peptide preparations

Treatment time:

30 -45 min

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every 2-4 weeks

Treatment area:


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The effects of scalp needle mesotherapy

You can see the first results just 2 weeks after the treatment. the hair will stop falling out, the scalp will nourish itself, the hair will thicken and new hair will grow. The treatment has a significant impact on the quality and volume of your hair. It is also recommended to do it prophylactically. You will achieve the optimal effect after a series of treatments. If you do not know which therapy will be most suitable for you, ask your Wellclinic doctor for consultation.

Scalp needle mesotherapy - price:

Treatment area1 treatment3 treatments
Platelet-rich plasma1000 zł 750 zł3000 zł 1990 zł
RRS XL Hair600 zł 450 zł1800 zł 1300 zł
Peptide Hair Filler DR.CYJ1000 zł 750 zł3000 zł 1990 zł

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Frequently asked questions

In order to minimize even more negative reaction and support the healing process as well as to ensure the best possible effect of the treatment, it is recommended to follow the recommendations:

  • In the case of using blood-thinning drugs, the intention of the procedure should be consulted with the attending physician and discontinuation should be considered in the periprocedural period.
  • Physical exertion should be avoided immediately after the procedure.
  • If you are prone to cold sores, consider prophylactic use of an antiviral drug such as aciclovir prior to procedure.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol on the day of the procedure
  • Do not apply cosmetics to the injection area for 48 hours.
  • Avoid sunbathing or using saunas.

Remember – regardless of the measures taken – swelling is the body’s natural reaction to the injection. It is not an indicator of a medical condition and should disappear within a few days. Consultation is indicated if the swelling persists for more than 2-3 days and symptoms of inflammation coexist, such as significant redness, pain and an increase in the temperature of the affected tissues.

Remember – you will achieve the best visual effects if you do not delay with the “maintenance” procedure. In the case of mesotherapy, we recommend another treatment in 2-4 weeks

The first effect is noticeable two weeks after the first treatment, the final effect after more than two months.

  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • people suffering from autoimmune diseases,
  • tendency to develop keloids
  • actives herpes
  • infectious diseases
  • viral infections
  • cancer
  • blood coagulation disorders
  • diabetes
  • rosacea

The treatment is classified as a moderate feeling. It all depends on the patient’s pain tolerance.

  • Physical exertion should be avoided immediately after the procedure.
  • Do not apply cosmetics to the injection area for 48 hours.
  • Avoid sunbathing or using saunas.
  • do not wash your hair for 24 hours after the procedure