Marta Kawałkowska


Cosmetologist and trichologist at Wellclinic Gdańsk. She completed her master's studies at Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz. She gained experience in the industry in numerous cosmetology offices, helping patients with face care treatments, body shaping, laser hair removal and running her own cosmetology business.

Thanks to Wellclinic, she also delved into an extremely wide and interesting field of cosmetology - trichology. Her priority is, above all, real help to patients and support at every step of therapy.

Wellclinic in Gdańsk was chosen because of the most modern and effective technologies on the market and the opportunity to cooperate with outstanding specialists in the cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, fit industry and dentistry. Her strengths are: empathy, professionalism, individual approach to the patient and understanding his needs and expectations.

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